Copenhagen based ASPERIS focuses on translating research results and IP into viable commercial concepts. Working with academic founders, TTO’s and early stage life science companies ASPERIS has helped clients raise over 4.2 MDKK (570,000€) to date in funding towards commercial development.


  • EverCare team raises 1.5MDKK
    Congratulations to the EverCare team on securing an additional 1.5MDKK from Innovationsfonden Denmark. The R&D team have made tremendous progress […]
  • Biomarker Commercialization
    Diagnostic innovation is by far one of the most challenging spaces in which to develop novel commercial concepts. To ease […]
  • EverCare raise 1.5 MDKK
    The EverCare team has raised 1.5 MDKK to support the de-risking of a commercial concept based on a technology platform […]



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