Case 1: University Technology Transfer Office – A research team debating a spin-out, looked to decide on the best commercial application for their technology platform. Based on technical discussions and technical literature survey, we jointly identified the main value propositions of the technology. Combined with a commercial analysis, modeling financial potential/return, the field of applications was narrowed to three product profiles for the team to pursue.

Case 2: Start-Up – A novel analytical instrument manufacturer, worked with ASPERIS to decide on a financing/growth plan in a yet to be defined market. After an in-depth technical analysis of the technology, a market was identified. A market valuation was delivered with several growth trajectories,  including impact analysis on sales volumes. Financing options were proposed to help the entrepreneur decide between slow organic growth or Venture Capital financed acceleration.

Case 3: Series C Company – ASPERIS worked with a Series C medical POC diagnostics company on the review of a major funding application.

Case 4: Benelux SME – ASPERIS worked with a Benelux SME on a market entry strategy for the Danish life science market.

Case 5: UK Digital Health Start-up – ASPERIS is working with a UK start-up on the refinement of a prototype, focusing on improving the user experience of a digital health platform for patients and clinicians.

Case 6: UK Biotech SME – ASPERIS is working with a UK SME on a market entry strategy for a novel line of products.